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Phrase of the Day: Stable Genius

Have we got a show for you! This week, the Steal Your Mail team tackles the psychology of discussing flirtation with your better half (even if it was in dreamland), a rapid fire round that covers the realms of an attack of killer kindergarteners, the dangers of curiosity, plus the advantages of monocle wearing, and finally, Travis gets deep into a parenting conundrum of communicating with friends with overweight kids. Pro-tip: you’re going to want to be careful here.

Steal Your Mail goes broad this week in an effort to reach more of the questions of our base. Episode 13 looks like a winner. We can already hear the “Thank Yous” rolling in. #stablegenius #jimmythebartender #flirtation #jennifervaniston #BIIH #instafamous #kerfluffle #donteatthat

Fun fact: Doctor’s offices may have been the original Tinder.

Today’s Steal Your Mail panel: Steve, Nate, Travis, Andrew, Les and Brian.

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Also, we can’t find the picture referenced in today’s episode, but we love that you came to the website to look for it. [hugs]
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Steal Your Mail

Fun fact: You will think of the title “Sister Act” differently after this episode.

The Steal Your Mail team is not one to shy away from the heavy questions. That’s why we’re here. That’s why you listen to Steal Your Mail. This week, we tackle: the complexity of dealing with Christmas with the awkward in-laws, some strategies for what to do if you impregnate sisters (eesh, that’s a hot tomale), and finally, how do you approach deciding on a long-term relationship with a racist partner.. sidebar: can’t we just do away with that bullshit? In any case, you can now consider these topics “former issues” in your life.. well, except the sisters question. That’s a lot to deal with.. probably forever. #inlaws #HectorAndAnges #babieswithsisters #sisteract #racism #theguysadouche #insecuricane #dontpeeontheseat

Fun fact #2: Cheese is pretty scary to some people. Also, do not accept Fromunda Cheese from anyone. (Listen on)

Today’s Steal Your Mail panel: Steve, Nate, Travis and Brian.

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Steal Your Mail

Take note: Dadvice is now a thing.. if it wasn’t already.

The SYM team head into the depths of the village for this week’s questions, which include: the biology behind interspecies breeding (guess how we rated that one, Florida Man), the deep dark psychology of the dirty mind, dealing with “mild” homophobia amongst friends, and finally, the first edition of Dadvice! #boobsonplanes #clothdiapers #bumguns #cherisheveryminute – You’re welcome, you unknowing lot you.

Want to impress your friends? Don’t ask these questions at a party. You’ve pretty much already won.

Today’s SYM panel: Steve, Les, Nate, Brian, Travis, Andrew, and guest host Rusty.

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