Steal Your Mail

It’s a big day for the Steal Your Mail team – Episode 10!
So many people to thank, so little time. For you though, we’ve got three special questions, and solid advice to bring them to heel.

You’re aging. That’s fine, but time’s ticking on the having kids front. Do you need to get your shit together before having kids, or just go for it? How does one transition to parenting exactly? Is it possible to keep any semblance of your previous life after kids?

Can you avoid social media in this day and age? What do you do if your partner wants to stay off the Twitter and the FaceBook, but you’re a budding InstaStar? Do we really want the Man scanning our faces and rifling through all our browser history?

Ageist we are not. The SYM team reaches out to a middle schooler needing help dealing with trust at home. You’ve been lying and now you’re dealing with it. How exactly does one dig out of a pile of bullshit they’ve been building up? Could communication be the key? Would a work camp be better?

In milestone Episode X, the Steal Your Mail team continues its crucial work saving citizens of the world from themselves. Bonus content: in question one this week, the SYM team performs a special rendition of the Paw Patrol theme. Our parent fans are gonna love it.

Want to impress your friends? The word “ten” is pronounced “shi” with an upward tone in Chinese. Look at you practicing that. You smartypants.

Today’s SYM panel: Steve, Andrew, Nate, Travis, Les, and guest panelists Wayne and Terry.

Episode 10 is brought to you by the new single from Dirty City, and the exploits of On The Beat and Path. Enjoy!


Steal Your Mail

The Internet never ceases to connect people in need. Hence the Steal Your Mail team.. we’ve got a lot of work to do.

This week:
Is it ok to have “Doggy Love”.. or be attached to the point you have jealousy when people pay attention to them? And either way, should you be rugby tackling a dog?

If you’re straight, is it ok to bring your partner to a gay bar and make out? Are you stepping over a line or infringing on space? Is it a “When in Rome” kind of thing?

Are you a dirty old man or just looking for solutions in the wrong places? How do you handle balancing your needs in a world caught between traditional values and increasing connectivity and exposure to different choices. What exactly is a sugar baby anyway? We got you buddy. Solid advice coming your way.

Join us for episode 9 of Steal Your Mail, where team is busy mining deep thoughts and coming up with golden nuggets of advice. Golden.

Today’s SYM panel: Steve, Andrew, Brian, Travis, Nate, and (a little bit of) Les.

Episode 9 is brought to you by the fine folks at Fella’s Bar. All musical interludes composed and performed by THE BENCHMARX.