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You need help, we have no qualifications. It's Perfect.

Steal Your Mail Podcast is the unprofessional and misguided advice podcast you have been waiting for. Weekly, a panel of assorted wise guys offer their various takes and wisdom on actual questions posed to professionals in their field. Listen as Steve, Andrew, Brian, Nate, Travis, Brad and others wax philosophical on Relationships, Career advice, Lifestyle, Sex, Health and more.

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Your Hosts

Steve - Stealing Your Mail


This is Steve’s first foray in to podcast hosting after coming off a 14 year run as an unpaid intern at the popular Canadian game show, “I Bet You Wouldn’t Eat That”. Flunking out of six communication courses at various community colleges, all mostly in the Canadian Maritimes, Steve is quite possibly the most irrationally confident media player in the business having never a paid job or good idea. Steve currently can not use his last name in any creative endeavor as he lost his passport at 13 years old and to this day, does not recall which country he is a citizen of.

Andrew - Stealing Your Mail


Andrew comes from just outside an already too-small-to-bother-talking-about town in New Brunswick, Canada. He’s a strong wingman type – sporting a sharp tongue and ridiculous laugh. When not in the throes of depression over the state of his life and the world at large, he enjoys raging about people, challenging kids to whatever he can win at, and resting after sleeping in. Nice guy though. This podcast is a sort of dream job for Andrew, except that it pays terribly and provides no security whatsoever.

Our Regular Co-Hosts

Brad - Steal Your Mail


Most influential person of China.
Most prominent philanthropist of China.
China moral leader.
China earthquake rescue hero.
Most well-known and beloved Chinese role model.
China top ten most honorable volunteer.
Most charismatic philanthropist of China.
China low carbon emission.
Environmental protection top advocate.
China's foremost environmental preservation demolition expert.

Brian - Stealing Your Mail


Brian isn't good at very much, much less giving advice. "A day late and a dollar short" pretty much sums up his experience with life, love, and money.

Les - Stealing Your Mail


Born in the wilds of Ontario, Les narrowed down his career choices to two distinct and equally important options: stream-shotgun-fisherman or semi-professional advice-columnist-thief. The second option simply provided more opportunities for wise-cracks. With job opportunities slim in the West, Les learned how to use the internet, and moved to China. There he met Steve and Andrew, who found his steady production of one-liners and 90’s pop-culture references generally entertaining, and at the very least amusing. He quickly earned airtime on STEAL YOUR MAIL. Left to his own devices, he tends to drink.

Nate - Stealing Your Mail


After spending 1 year in the NFL as a place kicker holder, Nate retired because of knee problems and went back to school. He received a certificate printed on a fancy piece of paper from Phake University (in psychiatry) and is considered an expert in both nodding in the affirmative and giving suspect relationship advice. Many of his current clients have widely acknowledged they go and see him for advice because, “he’s the closest to my work” and “he validates parking.” Nate can currently be heard on occasion as a guest host on the wildly popular podcast, Steal Your Mail.

Travis - Steal Your Mail


Raised on a steady diet of asparagus and good old Catholic guilt, Travis emerged from childhood feeling his strange scented piss was a punishment from God. With the help of a good urologist and intense talk therapy he emerged from darkness into the light of day preaching the gospel of communication. Convinced that all of life’s problems arise from a lack of communication, Travis is thrilled to listen to the problems of others and give completely unqualified advice about how communication can solve them. #communication

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